About us

Verity care was established in the United Kingdom in 2008 by Kathleen Renton. The name was chosen from the Roman god representing honesty and trust.  Starting her career as a nurse and now with over forty years experience in Health and Social care, Kathleen has had the pleasure to have worked with children and elderly adults in both residential settings and in senior management roles for private and voluntary sectors, alongside many years working with charitable organisations.

With a passion for dementia care, Kathleen returned to education in 2019 to expand her qualifications with an emphasis on end-of-life dementia care.

Kathleen moved to Cyprus and after a year volunteering at the former UKCA club’s welfare centre, which has unfortunately been forced to close due to the premises being sold, Kathleen realised that she wants to build on the work that they started, and she believes that her work in the care sector is far from over and Verity Care Cyprus has been born.

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